"The difficulty in trying to explain ones love for horses is it cannot be explained, it is simply felt." 

​We believe horse ownership should be an enjoyable and affordable experience, that's why we do everything possible to make it so. Pasture boarding (grass kept) is an excellent system in which the horse lives in a comparatively natural state. The horse keeps fit and healthy and maintains an easy-going disposition.

The horses are "at grass" during spring and summer and roam very large grassy pastures with rolling terrain which are nicely shaded. During winter the horses are hay in square bales and have access to heated waterers.

While we have several variations to our trails, as long as riders follow a few guiding rules and respect nature, you will find our terrain a mixture of hollows, timber and rolling hills both exciting and challenging. You can ride our trails year-round except when "mother nature"  prevents us. 

Horse Boarding:
Vel Terra Ranch (VTR) serves two very separate recreational interests:
  =Vel Terra Ranch Campground - Thirty (30) sites, 12 RV and 18 tent, open to the                 public for camping.  This is not for week-end horse camping.
  =Horse Boarding - We do not have horse camping for the public or trail riding for the public only if you have a boarding contract with VTR can you ride your horse here.

Vel Terra Ranch is the perfect place to take a break from your regular routine. Now, no matter what your favorite time of the year is for horseback riding, when your ride is over kick back in "Cowboy Corner."  Cowboy Corner is a cozy sit down snack bar with beverages, ice cream items, and snacks for sale.   In addition, there is a heated bathroom and shower($) with softened hot water throughout the year.  Cowboy Corner is also used as our camping registration area as well.

Basic Boarding Fees:
Horse Boarding -- Pasture kept only
          Year-around - Per horse$150.00 per month
          6-Month - Per horse      $225.00 per month
            (any 6-month period)

Other services offered and available to boarders:
+Hitching rails+Personalized care ($)
+Round pen for training +Horse wash area
+Picnic tables         +Sick stall w/private paddock ($)
+96' x 176'  outdoor arena    +Fire Ring for boarder campfires
+Slivers of hay ($)   +Tack Storage ($)  

Contact Sharon for more details or request a boarding package.
         815-858-3866 or  click on the email square below.
Tack Storage Stalls-2 saddles per stall
Per month$ 15.00
Horse Trailer Storage (only if
you rent a tack stall)
Per month       $ 25.00

Winter Ride
Getting Ready for a Ride
Vel Terra
The Arena view overlooking Pasture 1BWinter Feeding comes in square bales perfect for a trail horseOn a trail ride, Sadie and me

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride!

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