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As Smokey would tell us, a campfire is our friend, it keeps us warm, cooks our food, and adds a flickering "Lite of Friendship" in the night!  Keep them reasonable and put them out before you retire for the night or leave.
Remember...never leave any fire unattended!
Even though there is no burning ban, we must still be very cautious about our campfires!  When you register,  a 5-gallon bucket is available for you to keep at your campsite with water....just in case.
Tent Camping tip:
6/20/2017  -- 1.   Camping Preparation: Make sure you air mattress is working properly, inflate it before leaving for your camp outing
2.   More natural remedy for keeping those lil' no seeums (nats) away from your head (aside from wearing netting) is to use vanilla, or vanilla car freshners or absorbine junior.
3.  Good cooking Tip:  Always, always... pack heavy duty aluminum foil.  Can save much of your pot washing by using foil more frequently in your cooking as well as PAM spray!
4.   Arriving late to you camping desitination and did not eat yet, no problem, make extra "leftovers" Thursday night and make sandwiches or something you can heat over the open fire.
Every other week watch for an easy aluminum foil cooking recipe on Vel Terra Ranch FB page.
Like Us!
#   Our horse arena is the perfect place you can run and play with your dog without his leash.  He must obey your command and stay within the  confirnes of the arena.

# For those who like puzzles, there will be a puzzle table with some type of puzzle to work on., we have a large selection.

We have DVDs available for your viewing for a $5.00 totally refundable deposit for each DVD .

*THAT'S ALL FOR THE MOMENT! Got more ideas, send me an email........I would love to hear from you ! ! !

Just outside Cowboy Corner WiFi is available on the patio or to our Community Fire pit. 
Looking for things to do, don't forget to look through your "Welcome Packet" you received at registration!

Also there is a sheet in the packet, if you have something to say you can write on it or make an entry on one of the several sites for "campground reviews".  Your comments are appreciated.